The deadline for international submissions is 10 Sept 2020

Please download the pdf of the entry form below. Print it out and complete it. Then email to us online along with any supporting materials.


Courier your screening materials to:

New Zealand Asia Trust
Attn. Director
PO Box 27171

Mt Roskill

Auckland 1041

New zealand


Entry Form

Please download the entry form pdf below.

Asia Pacific Film Festival entry form

Guest Registration Form


Entry Form

Please download the entry form pdf below.












1. The purpose of NZAPFF.


To promotion Asian culture and culture understanding in New Zealand by film art. To show New Zealand as a film making destination to pan Asia Pacific regions.  To demonstrate the achievement of the film art and a knowledge of the trends in filmmaking. To share the experience of the film art among the film makers.


2. Film selection and eligibility.


NZAPFF will only screen films which have not previously been screened or broadcast in New Zealand unless the film screws attending NZAPFF with film which has been greatly successful with positive comments.  The films must be political, religion, humanity neutral, films must screen in their original language with English subtitles. Feature films, documentaries are all accepted.


3. Payments. NZAPFF runs by New Zealand Asia Trust, which is a non-profit charitable organization. We are seeking support from communities, business sponsors, government agencies and film makers. For the selected films, we return 25% of the box office for the ticket sales. We may ask you to waive this payment if we are meeting substantial travel and accommodation costs relating to your screenings.


4. Travel. We are unable to offer fares for every participating filmmaker. Invitations are often prioritised by the needs of grant donors and sponsors. We welcome all the guests who are willing to cover their own cost, we can organise on ground travel arrangement on their behalf.


5. Entries. NZAPFF will have an official red carpet welcome ceremony, if you would like to attend the opening and under the spotlight, please send us a completed entry form and we will let you know if you are qualified for the invitation. The invitations are entirely at the discretion of NZAPFF.


6. Preview screeners. NZAPFF is able to preview submissions online or on DVD/Blu-ray. We prefer entrants to submit their secure online links to us for the censorship purpose. Please ensure that your password stays active until at least 1 Oct 2017.
The organisers will take no responsibility for the return of submission material which we have not specifically requested.


7. Screening material. Screening materials for films accepted for NZAPFF must be available to reach New Zealand by 15 Oct, 2017 June unless other arrangements have been made with the organisers.


8. The NZAPFF organizers will despatch of the selected films for screening and return the materials to the senders.


9. Censorship. All films screened in NZAPFF must be classified by New Zealand film censorship authorities. NZAPFF will meet all censorship charges and associated costs. For censorship purpose, the film providers must provide two copies of DVD or online view access for such process.


10. Information and publicity. NZAPFF expect entrants to supply the submission material and information listed on the entry form such as high resolution images, posters, a trailer and scene clips.


11. Certificate of participation. A certificate of participation is issued for every film screened by NZAPFF.

15. NZAPFF can be contacted at:



New Zealand Asia Trust
PO Box 27171
Mt Roskill
Auckland 1041
Phone + 64 9 368 1766



Asia Pacific Film Festival entry form 2017

Guest Registration Form 2017

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Asia Pacific Film Festival