The 2024 New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival will be held in Auckland, New Zealand. The opening ceremony will be held at SkyCity on Friday, 1 November . The one-week-long film festival will have selected films to be screened at Capitol Cinema. 

The film submission for award competition can be submitted through FilmFreeWay. 

The 2023 NZAPFF Films in Cinemas
28 Oct. SkyCity
29 Oct. Capitol Cinema
30 Oct, Capitol Cinema
31 Oct, Capitol Cinema
1 Nov. Capitol Cinema
2 Nov. Capitol Cinema
3 Nov. Capitol Cinema
4 Nov. Capitol Cinema
The 2022 NZAPFF Films in cinemas:
Opening film at Hoyts 29 Oct
30 Oct at Capitol Cinema
31 Oct at Capitol Cinema
1 Nov at Capitol Cinema
2 Nov at Capitol Cinema
3 Nov at Capito Cinema
The 2022 NZAPFF Films Online viewing:
Online Pass:6huv
Online Pass:foxl
Online Pass:w78k
Online Pass:pgs5
Online Pass:7jmk
Online Pass:7jmk
Online pass:1234
Online Pass:7jmk
Online Pass:ssst
Online Pass:4L9a
Online pass:6t1j
Online Pass:ecq6
Selected film posters from previous years