nzapff started in 2013

Building an international film industry platform for filmmakers in the Asia Pacific region to show their films to New Zealand audiences is the purpose of the New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival.

New Zealand is a multi-culture society, has an open culture to meet the world, the New Zealand film industry is a good example, it embraces filmmakers from all over the world. We would like to build a bridge for the filmmaking industry between New Zealand and the Asia Pacific countries.

Bo Li, chairman of New Zealand Asia Pacific Film Festival

Bo Li, Chairman of NZAPFF
Preston Zhang, Director-China
Leo Liu, Director-New Zealand
Masa Sekikawa, Director-Japan
Toy Keam, Director-Korea
Diane Lee, Korean Coordinator


Promote cross-cultural understanding in New Zealand society by film art.


Making New Zealand the destination for Asia Pacific filmmakers.​